Data Collection & Analytics Platform

With Farming Fox, farmers can store all Agrirouter data in one central place and evaluate it in the future with intelligent algorithms.

· Collect & Store all Agrirouter messages

· Full data control ownership

· Easy access & sharing of files

· Set basis for your future smart analytics

What is Farming Fox

As your Agrirouter archive, Farming Fox collects and stores all files and messages within the Agrirouter network, such as task data files, machine logs, etc. This data collection is the essential basis for any future performance analysis. We are also happy to support you in enriching your data with weather information and perform data analysis tasks. So that data insights help you increase performance and yields.


Data Collection

Start collection all your relevant farm data. The information flow between application and machines is extremely important. Without storage this can never be evaluated.

Data-Driven Insights

Precision farming offers many possibilities, but without smart data analysis the overall impacts and performances of processes, treatments, etc. stay unknown. Move from guessing to knowing.

Full Data Control

With Farming Fox you are in full data control and ownership, you can download or delete the collected data at any time.t

Services & Pricing

Archive Test
Free for 6 months
  • No hidden costs
  • Test the archive 6 months for free
  • No cancellation needed
Archive Pro
50 Monthly
  • No storage or usage limits
  • Cancellation monthly
  • 20% discount if billed annually
Data Analytics Support
  • Individual solution tailored to your specific needs and questions
  • Custom pricing on request

How It Works


Register your Farming Fox account and link it to your Agrirouter account, so you can exchange files.

Send data in copy to your archive

Link your Farming Fox account as a data consumption point to all information transfers in Agrirouter. The files will be stored in your archive for later analytics.

Download and Analyze

You can download all files at any time. We are also happy to assist you in the data analysis to your data questions to improve the performance.

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